Corporate Travel Management Software


In the Corporate world, employees are often sent for business tours. Holiday trips are also awarded to deserving candidates. Excursions are also available. During these trips; booking their tickets, managing their stay in a luxurious hotel, finding a good transport service, offering appropriate pick and drop facility are the services that are to be taken care of.

Oneview Corporate; one of the well developed IT solutions for several organizations can evenly handle it. With this product, corporate can conduct all the processes fluently which once they felt it somewhat difficult to do.

Why choose Oneview Corporate?

- Self-booking tool for employee and travel manager
- Rates from different travel agencies
- Policy management and compliances
- Approval workflows
- Corporate profiling
- Expense management
- Corporate reporting and reconciliation
- Front desk sales / Point of sale
- Expense management for corporate employee
- Integration with Flight and Land product suppliers
- Corporate fare and deal code management
- Credit limit, deposit, corporate credit card and BTA payment options
- Policy and approval workflow management
- Cost center, projects, grades, division, branches, designations, travel category management

Whether you are any small organization or a huge one; if you arrange travels for your employees then Oneview Corporate is your perfect companion.  It allows you to manage things steadily and renders hassle free booking process.


Oneview Corporate - Features


Developed keeping in mind the latest travel technology trends, it is also accessible on mobile devices. It allows organizations to double their productive working time by having the automated corporate travel process. Employees from a single organization can use the same streamlined travel process all over the world that gives them automated travel invoice and simplifies the travel trip thus saving time and money reducing the travel expenses to almost nil.

Now, employees will focus more on work rather than on managing their trips. Get Oneview Corporate today to align your corporate travel process.

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