Buying Oneview Business Suite Made Travel Business Easy



With Oneview Business Suite, Tour operators, consolidators, DMCs and Travel Agents can easily sell travel products to their business partners via affordable travel API. With this system, partners can make bookings anytime anywhere. Applications for directly uploading hotel contracts, transfer fleets and sightseeing are available. This helps companies to provide better rates to other travel partners and can sustain in the competitive market.

All functions can be controlled using a web browser. Travel agents can easily manage their accounts using their login ids, Cash/credit limits can be edited, suppliers/agents account can be added or deleted.

Why Choose Oneview Business Suite as Travel Agency Management Software?

-    Easily check payments
-    Quick Sales Evaluation
-    Flexibility to Sub Agents for online bookings
-    Easy to measure productivity of employees
-    One can track and view invoices payments as well as any out standings.
-    Offers Multi currency support
-    Shows Booking History
-    Available with sufficient payment gateways
-    Provides MIS reports
-    Travel agents can apply voucher promotions


Travel agents can run their business smoothly with the help of Business suite. It’s a perfect system to reach newer B2B markets around the globe.  Travel agencies can easily stay connected with each other irrespective of geographical locations.


Oneview Business Suite - Way towards Growth

This helps in mutual benefit thus resulting in continuous growth.  Travel industry is interrelated with hotel industry, airlines and also transport services. As a result, it is extremely diverse and complex.  For every travel agency, it is mandatory to stay updated with the ongoing travel trends. This makes them stay ahead among competitors. Travel intermediaries can get benefitted from the automatic travel operations carried out by such business suites. Wish to try out this B2B Business suite?

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